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“My desire along with my oodles of experience have awarded me the opportunity to provide people with unforgettable photographs. What I love most about being a photographer is having the ability to recognize the beauty that exists in your reality and capturing those moments in an authentic way. When we are truly living in the present it is the photograph that can tell an amazing story about who you are and those you love.”

Photography is how I share my voice with the world.
“Growing up in San Diego I was either drawing on the nearest napkin during family dinner night, singing into the mirror with my favorite hairbrush or acting out funny scenes with my barbies…I LOVED thinking creatively!”

Robin Harris is the founder of Robin Harris Images, a San Diego based photography company focusing on the amazing journey of today’s woman. As Robin grew up she traveled from the fine art world and studying the works of Rembrandt and Monet to computer graphics, graduating with a BA in graphic design from SDSU, to photo retouching and editing for one of the pioneers of stock photography. It wasn’t until 1997, when she met her future husband, she picked up a camera for the first time and the rest is history. Robin was featured in SD Voyager as one of the hidden gems of San Diego and uses her 20 years of experience in the photography world to also bring awareness to Alzheimer’s, the disease that took the life of her father. She believes every woman’s journey is worth sharing, for it is the stories they tell that we become better human beings.

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How death can result in a new perspective on life.

“This website is dedicated to my father, James Nations. Losing my father to Alzheimer's in 2008 was the most difficult experience of my life, but finding healing through taking photographs of others and their loved ones has been the greatest gift I could of ever received.”

I shared my story with Being Patient, an editorially independent news site covering the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease.

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