"How did you two meet?"

Every Alzheimer's photo shoot has been great, but this one was extra special for me. I walked in and started asking questions like I always do, but Barbara said something to me that started a conversation with not only myself, but also with my husband. I LOVED that they had so many photos on the walls, Barbara offered a tour around the house and I was so happy she did. She said, 

"You know why I love photographs so much...they help keep my brain active. When I am on the phone with my husband I look around the house as I am speaking to him. When I see an image of us on the wall together I immediately miss him and want him to come home to me." 

This has stuck with me ever since she said it, I was moved beyond words. As a photographer I think one of the things that sets me apart is that I look beyond the surface and love to go deeper. I have this feeling when I leave a Alzheimer's shoot. I see the look he gives her when she's not watching, I hear her laughter when he says something funny and I feel their love and my gratitude ten fold...I was meant to be here.

A conversation with my husband following this encounter was pretty amazing because it encompassed the power of imagery in relationships. Whether they are 25 or 75 I ask the same question, "How did you two meet?" The common thread between all these couples is their love story. Whether I am able to see a young couple starting out or meeting one that has been together for 40 years, I am delighted to know that I can be apart of capturing their journey together.