Discovering my beautiful hometown.

As a San Diego native you would think I had seen it all in my beautiful hometown, but there are so many jewels I have not experienced yet. Yesterday I went to Lake Hodges and couldn't believe I had never been there before, it was absolutely gorgeous. The colors were brilliant, the air was fresh and I could hear the birds chirping up a storm. I even saw my first snake in the wild, whoa!!! Boyd and I had a wonderful time, me with my trusty camera and him with his drone,  we walked and reveled at the beauty around us.

As I walked along the dirt path I was reminded of how much time I spend in front of my computer and not enough time outside enjoying mother nature. When there is this much beauty in my own backyard why would I deny myself these simple pleasures. The camera has given me a window into a world I took for granted. When you take the time to focus on using all your senses the word "peace" comes to mind, I am home.