A moment of intention.

If you were to look at this image you may say to yourself...why? How could this photo be so significant? When in truth, this may be one of the most important images I have taken in my life.

I was sitting at my desk about an hour prior to this photograph being taken suffering from a terrible headache. I continued to work while allowing it to change my entire being. I got up and headed for my bed to lay down hoping it would be an easy fix. Only a few minutes had passed and my discomfort and impatience grew. I finally realized this was not going to be a moment of instant gratification. I would need to create an intention for myself so I decided to change my environment and go outside. "I will relieve this pain" is what I said to myself over and over again! I sat down on my patio chair, faced the sun, straightened my back, closed my eyes and focused on my breath. There was a movie going on in my head, I was the star and I was aging rapidly. I could see how the discomfort I was experiencing was taking over my mind and body. My pace was slow and labored, my back was hunched and my voice sounded defeated. I was allowing each thought control every outcome in a negative way. The scene was definitely telling and powerful.

As I began to breathe deeper and deeper I felt a sense of relaxation start to take over me. I became conscience of the sound of the palm trees gently flapping in the breeze, the birds chirping near and far, a distant car as it drove down the street and the warmth of the sun blanketing my face like an old friend trying to nurse me back to health. I was experiencing consciousness without thought and it was amazing. Before I knew it my headache had subsided and it was my intention that changed the story line. When I opened my eyes this was the image and final scene I saw before me. I loved witnessing the sun as it was setting, my neighbor's grape leaves peeking over the fence and the wispy clouds that resembled brush strokes in a painting. I was at peace and full of gratitude. 

This moment was significant to me for one reason, I was able to witness the power of intention unfold before me and I was astonished. We are truly the master of our fate, choose wisely.