Tis the season.

Ahhhhh, to be 21 again. I just had a great shoot with the lovely Paige, a recent college graduate from my Alma mater SDSU majoring in kinesiology.  We walked and talked and of course laughed as we strolled around Balboa Park with camera in tow. Whether you are 21 or 91, all my shoots are about having fun and enjoying the present moment wherever we are.

Paige represents a magical time in a young women's life, a time of accomplishment and an excitement for the amazing journey ahead. She took me back to that period in my life over 25 years ago and I couldn't help but smile. If I could go back and meet myself now what would I say to that young woman? I would say how proud I am of her and to never stop learning. I would tell her to stay curious. I would tell her to find her true purpose in this world and when fear comes and faces her head on, shake its hand, hold it tight and walk together as friends not enemies. Fear is just a reminder that there is amazing growth ahead of you and it will be fabulous on the other side.

I only have a few photographs from that very special chapter in my life so I am very grateful that I can do this for others now. It took me until I was in my mid 40's to REALLY tap into my true value in this world and now I am proud to say, "I am a purpose driven photographer!"