A shift in our relationship.

My mother turned 90 this month and I am filled with joy that she is with me. I thought about what kind of gift would be special for her and it was my words. There is so much history with this beautiful human being that it was hard to sum it up in a poem, but I thought I would give it a try. I sat down in the early morning hours, only the sound of my pen in hand and began to write. It all came naturally and when it was complete I smiled because I knew it would bring her happiness. When you write about someone you love there is nothing more fulfilling. This gift gave me the opportunity to reflect on her, our special moments together growing up and all the gratitude I feel for her being my mom. Being a mother I know how challenging it can be, you don't want to mess up, you want to do the right thing and sometimes you have to be the bad guy. It is funny that the years between me and my mother are the same as me and my daughter, exactly 40 years apart...WOW!

When I got to the birthday celebration I could not wait to give her this poem, I was like a child on Christmas morning. As soon as she picked it up I was waiting with my camera and watched. She read it with that beautiful smile of hers and I knew I made the right choice. This was something that we would be both cherish forever. I have come to find over the last few months that the roles have been reversed for us. I have started to give her my words of wisdom, I am now giving back to her for all the years she has given to me. My mother has always been a strong and independent woman and it was only this year that she started to have some minor limitations with her hands. When she started showing signs of anger and frustration I knew it was time for me to share some of my knowledge and wisdom with her. I told her I wanted to be there for her and for the first time I felt like we were chatting as adults as opposed to mother and youngest daughter. This was the shift in our relationship and I will never forget it. It means everything to me to stand by my mother's side in this next stage of her life and provide her with all my experience and knowledge that I have gained over the last 49 years. This is a wonderful time in our relationship and I am content.

As we grow up we go through so many changes and it is crucial to remember those that were the positive influences in our lives. It is important to share with them the impact they had on you, always tell them you love them, express to them what you received from them that made you who you are today and always say thank you.