What did I learn from this very special man?

I have so much gratitude for what I do for a living. I learn with each photo shoot something new that always helps me grow as a person. I had the honor of photographing Len on his 99th birthday last year and to be able to celebrate his 100th this year was AMAZING. The experience of meeting Len and his family and coming into their world to document the love they all share for one another warms my heart so very much. What was most impactful to me on this special day was a speech that was given by one of his grandson's. He thanked his grandfather for teaching him the value of "family" and how there is nothing more important. He let him know that when he becomes a father he will teach his children the same values. These words reminded me of my own mother and how that is her greatest gift to us as well. My mother is 90 now and I am so blessed to still have her here with me. I make sure my children spend a good amount of time with her and learn from her wisdom. I hope to live another 50 years so I can continue to tell those in my life how much I love them everyday!

Thank you Len for being such a beautiful light for me, I am blessed to know you.